Some Assembly Required Solution

The teams receive a set of printed documents that represent instruction manuals, as well as a "Starting Note" in Spiderdog that gives them an initial category and the next manual/section number they should visit. Four of the manuals have a bolded word that forms the phrase "Words with double meanings" which is a clue they will need later. Each section they visit will give the next manual/section number until they reach a section with no stated next section. Teams should put the sections in order that they visit them, writing down the section title and number.

Each section is titled with a category (e.g. "Disney Characters" or "Construction Fasteners" or "Golf Shots"). Teams need to find a word that is an element of the previous category and the current category, but with a different meaning (e.g. "Bolt" is both a Disney Character" and a "Construction Fastener", "Chip" is both a "Disney Character" and a "Golf Shot").

Types of sandwiches
Parts of a fingerKnuckleK
Construction fastenersNailI
Disney Characters that are AnimalsBoltT
Gold ShotsChipC
Trick Taking Card GamesPitchH
Parts of a ShipBridgeE
Kitchen UtensilsFunnelN
Versions of SolitaireSpiderS
GMC VehiclesYukonU
NATO Alphabet LettersSierraR
Dances that did not Originate in ArgentinaFoxtrotF
Legally Blond CharactersChutneyC
Fashion MagazinesElleE
Garden PestsGrasshopperR
Imperial System UnitsSlugS
Body PartsFootO
Colors of the RainbowVioletsT
Hail size classificationGrapefruitF
Synonyms for HousingQuarterA
Songs by Porter RobinsonShelterT
Type of sugar confenctioneries made with nutsDivinityT
Roles in Part 2 of the NutcrackerMarzipanA
Types of BeansCoffeeC

Once they have the chain constructed, they should index into the word with the double meaning using the section number. This will produce the phrase "KITCHENSURFACEORSORTOFATTACK". Teams should reapply the phrase to find a word that is both a "kitchen surface" and a "sort of attack", which is "counter".