Some Assembly Required


Allison Inman, Reid Jones, Sean Fitzgerald


Note: This puzzle can be solved online. We recommend physically printing off all of the documents, but it's not necessary.

Teams received a series of instruction manuals in their mailed out packets:

Upon starting the puzzle, they were also present with a digital copy of Double Down on Home Development.

"Oh, one more thing," Amos says as you receive the instructions. "I was able to find this note, I think it's supposed to be the first step in the instructions."

Types of Sandwiches

  • It says a lot about a person if they think a hot dog is a sandwich. Do you think it is? If so, continue to Injection Molding For Dummies Section 5 so you can add more things to your list of "sandwiches".
  • If your team doesn't have 8 distinct documents (7 on paper, 1 digital), please reach out to GC.