nm, just heisting. wbu?




"Looks like I have to recruit a whole new team," you mutter to yourself in dismay. "At least the intel I collected on potential teammates a while back will come to some use."

Open your burner phone and enter the passcode you received from staff. Your objective is to recruit a new heist team.

Teams are told that they must recruit a new team to pull off a second, counter-heist. They are given the name of a person to contact first, Eric (Rick) Stahl, and the knowledge that they will need to recruit 6 people. All of the recruiting will be done via text message (in a web page that is skinned to look like a phone, not an actual phone).

Each person has 2 or 3 physical items in a "Personnel Archives" envelope, so that the team has the full set of 6 items (pictured below). These hint the rules of each person.