Act 2

Act 2 of Allure Bay saw interns working to pull off a daring Casino heist over two weekends, July 24 and July 31, 2020. Over the course of the two days 20 different teams worked tirelessly...

The event was almost entirely virtual, much like the previous year's event Westward. However, since the event was planned from the inception as a virtual one there were a few tweaks that we were able to make to the to the puzzle styles to take advantage of it a bit more. At the same time, we were also able to more thoughtfully plan out different ways to provide a more physical component. Each participant, received a Allure Bay casino gift package wich included a number of different components which were used in different ways for different puzzles. In some cases, each team member received a different subset of the required items requiring them to coordinate virtually with their physical components.


Twenty unique puzzles were developed to test the abilities of the interns. Some puzzles required exploring the casino, others involved chatting with Casino staff to gain information, or masqueraded as regular casino games.

Week 1

Week 2


Floating puzzles were distributed to teams based on routing constraints, timing and other requirements.


Recruited by the charismatic Mark Masters, you join a heist team as a hacker. The target—the Golden Chip, a mysterious, solid gold poker chip held by the Allure Bay Entertainment Group. Woodgrove Banks casino, your previous employer, is also owned by the Allure Bay Entertainment Group, as is the grand Allure Bay Casino. As part of their effort to keep their customers connected to the casino in the era of social distancing, the Allure Bay Casino made a virtual Allure Bay Casino, a near exact replica of their physical casino in the Strip.

Your mission? Infiltrate Allure Bay's Virtual Casino while the rest of Mark's team infiltrate their Physical location to nab the Golden Chip. While being a near replica of the physical location, the Virtual Allure Bay also is said to contain all the logistical and security systems of its physical counterpart.

After gaining access to this virtual back area, you guide and assist the heist team in the physical casino to the inside of their safe and to the Golden Chip. After obtaining the chip, Mark double-crosses you and the heist team, leaving them all to be captured by the authorities while he made out with the goods.

Taking matters into your own hands, you become the mastermind of your own heist—this time to steal back the chip from Mark. After setting up your group and trying to nail down your plan, can the student now become the master and beat Mark Masters?

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