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Theme assets are covered by the paid MediaLoot license from Jon's subscription. He has used them to create this theme for Microsoft ("the client" below).


If you have paid for this download, either as an individual item or as part of
a MediaLoot Subscription, then you are bound by the paid license agreement. The
paid license grants you an exclusive and non-transferrable right to use and
incorporate these files in your personal or commercial projects under the
following conditions:

Single Use Applications

A single use application is when you are using our resources to design
something for yourself or one other person/company. Any item that will be
distributed or sold to multiple people is NOT a single use application. For
example: designing a site for a client is a single-use application whereas
designing a theme for multiple people is a multi-use application (see below).
1 No attribution is required.
2 The final product MAY NOT be distributed, sold more than once, or used by
multiple people. If the product is distributed or used multiple times, please
follow multi-use guidelines below.

Multiple Use Applications (Extended License)

Most paid items from MediaLoot come with our extended (multiple-use) license. A
multiple-use application is when you intend the final product to be distributed,
sold, or used by multiple people/companies. This includes applications, themes,
web services, or other items that will be re-sold or used by more than one
person or company.
1 No attribution is required, but it is highly recommended =D
2 You MAY NOT resell or redistribute our items by themselves: they must be a
  part of a larger product or application that is sold on its own merits. Any
  MediaLoot items that are included must be a small part of the greater whole.
3 You MAY NOT include more than 30% of a single resource in any multi-use item.
  For example, if you are selling an app that uses MediaLoot icons, you may not
  include more than 30 icons out of a set of 100 icons.
4 Complete themes, website templates, and print items ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for
  multi-use applications (you MAY NOT resell or redistribute these items). Items
  that are eligible for multi-use applications include User Interface Kits, Web
  Elements, Icon Kits, Textures, Vector Files, and Brushes.
5 You MAY NOT include any of the original source files in the item for resale or
  redistribution. For example, you may not include the PSD from a user interface
   kit in an application that was created using that kit. You may not include
   MediaLoot source files in any usage application.