Looks like you hit the Jackpot!

Ace Security (code named Virgo) was the 21st incarnation of the Microsoft Intern Game.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Allure Bay (AKA Ace Security) was run entirely virtually much like Westward the previous year. However, since the event was planned as a virtual from the it's inception we were able to take advantage of it a bit more and design all the puzzles for a fully remote solving experience.

Act 1 of Allure Bay had teams working for the fictional Ace Security agency. It consisted of a series of online puzzles that was published over the course of the summer! Act 1 was built to help train puzzle skills and introduce new concepts to help with participants be more successful in the second act. It is available online (https://aka.ms/acesecurity) (requires Microsoft credentials). It can be solved independently or with friends.

Act 2 of Allure Bay saw interns working to pull off a daring Casino heist over two weekends, July 24th and July 31st, 2020. Over the course of the two days 20 different teams worked tirelessly...

Giving Campaign Recast

We were able to re-run the event a second time for Microsoft employees and their friends due to the virtual nature of the event. As with 2020, the event coincided with the Microsoft Giving Campaign with all participants donating their entry costs to a selected group of charites: International Rescue Committee, American Civil Liberties Union, Northwest Harvest, and The Red Cross.

The event ran on November 6th, 2021 as a single longer day than the intern event with a total of 15 different teams participating. The majority of the puzzles from both days of Act 2 were re-run except for those with restrictive staffing or physical construction requirements.