Schemes gave teams an opportunity to bond with their team mates and do some something outside of the virtual world of the game while giving them a way to increase their in-game winnings to help progress the game. Role schemes allowed a player to step into the shoes of their preferred heist personality, but members were only allowed to complete one per day!

555-555-7283Submit a photo or video of a team member having a good time.
Animal TrainingSubmit a video of a trick you have taught a pet (or stuffed animal).
Avatar CheckSubmit a photo of your team's avatars after dressing them up in the character customizer.
Backup Singers NeededA well known and definitely not washed up artist needs a backup singer, submit a video of a team member singing a hit song from at least 10 years ago.
CirqueSubmit a video of a team member performing a "feat of acrobatics". Please don't hurt yourselves, a summersault will do.
Do you have a reservation?Submit evidence of your team eating a meal together.
EveningwearThe high roller room has a dress code. Submit a photo of a team member dressed up in evening attire.
Get Teams WorkingSubmit a screenshot of everyone on your team in a call with casino themed backgrounds set.
Gonna need some help to fund this…The chip got stolen? Oof. Submit a video pitch of your counter heist to an investor who can bankroll most of the funds you need. Every team member must contribute to the pitch.
Grifting for DummiesSubmit a video of a team member performing 3 card monte in front of a pet or stuffed animal.
Mixed GenresSubmit a photo from an obviously not Casino Heist themed movie or tv show that you have edited into theme.
Prepped for the HeistSubmit a photo of your team geared up and ready for the heist. Each person should have at least one gadget that will help out.
Prove your Gambling SkillsSubmit a photo of a team member engaged in some form of gambling. Past photos accepted, photoshops not.
Reference MaterialsSubmit a photo of an item from your home related to heists, casinos, or spies.
Rig the DecksYou could probably make a lot of money by rigging the card shufflers in the casino. Submit the final answer. Warning: there is no support for this puzzle.
Room ServiceA "benefactor" will tip well if you tidy up their room. Submit a photo of the before and after shots.
Search the Couch CushionsSubmit a photo or video of a team member digging through their couch cushions for lost change.
Show Us Your MovesSubmit a video of team member showing off their best dance moves.
Snack ThiefA snack thief keeps raiding the cupboards. Help catch them by submitting a photo of everyone in your team holding up a favorite snack.
Teambuilding ExerciseSubmit evidence of your team playing a game together.
The Coordinator (Role)Submit a photo of a team member communicating using at least 3 different types of devices at once.
The Distraction (Role)Submit a photo of a team member dressed up in a manner that will definitely draw attention to themselves.
The Driver (Role)Submit a photo of a team member behind the operating a sick ride.
The Fixer (Role)Submit a video of a team member cleaning up a mistake or accident.
The Gadgeteer (Role)Submit a video of a team member using a gadget to perform a task.
The Hacker (Role)Submit a photo of a team member dressed up in ridiculous cyberpunk hacker gear.
The Lookout (Role)Submit a photo of a team member keeping watch from a hidden location.
The Muscle (Role)Submit a video of a team member performing a feat of strength (e.g., some push-ups, carrying many bags of groceries at once).
Why you really go to VegasSubmit evidence of your team watching a movie or show together.
WiltingReminder: these plants will die without being watered. Submit a photo or video of a team member watering some plants.
Writers NeededSubmit a plot outline to help out a casino with its upcoming performance involving horses, knights, and damsels. Don't forget to include a twist at the end.

Puzzle Specific Schemes

After completing each puzzle, teams were given a scheme themed after that puzzle.

America's Next Top HeisterYou're going to need some disguises. Have everyone on your team get dressed up and submit a photo.
BluprintSubmit a blueprint of your favorite place (we promise we won't break in, probably).
ConfidenceSubmit a single photo that includes a team member's favorite pet, drink, and food
Counterheist Is OnSubmit a video walking through your plan to steal the golden chip back from Mark! Everyone on the team should contribute their role.
CryptocurrencySubmit a drawing of what you are going to do with your new found riches. Everyone on the team should contribute an item or activity.
Fountain DewSubmit a photo or video of a striking water feature you have created (Inspiration).
The Grate EscapeSubmit a video of a team member escaping their home and going for a walk.
Heart of the CardsSubmit a video of your team reenacting a scene from an anime. Bonus points if it involves a "children's card game".
Laser MaizeSubmit your corniest joke. Text will do but you do you.
Painted People's PackSubmit a video of someone from your team playing music on something other than a musical instrument.
Little BirdsSubmit an audio or video reenactment of the best conversation you ever overheard. Make it juicy.
LoadingSubmit a photo or video assigning everyone in your team a "role" in the upcoming heist.
nm, just 💰🏃‍♀️'ing. wbu?Submit a photo of text conversations of every team member convincing a contact to join your heist team.
RouletteSubmit a video of a team member spinning in a chair until it stops.
SafecrackerSubmit a photo of something you'd store in the vault and explain why.
Slots-o-funSubmit a photo of a recreation of a meme made at least partially from the emoji stickers.
Some Assembly RequiredSubmit a video of a rube goldberg machine that incorporates at least 3 of the items we sent you.
SparcSubmit a drawing of a snakes eyes looking at snake eyes the snake has just rolled.
White Rushin'Submit a photo or video of someone on your team creating a mixed drink of their own (alcoholic or not), and the recipe.