Allure Bay Virtual Casino

The Allure Bay Virtual Casino was created as a digital twin to the "real" physical Allure Bay Casino. It was intended to provide a replacement for the travelling aspect of a non-virtual game. It provided a justification for why you would be hanging out in a virtual space while trying to plan a real heist.

When it became clear that we were going to be running the event entirely virtually, we very quickly decided that we needed to build something a little bit more immersive than the Washington Trail experience from 2020. The obvious choice was to build an interactive virtual casino.


Pull requests were submitted from 16 people in the base Casino repo along, and much work was done by others contributing to art, Spiderdog, and non-Casino-hosted puzzles. The first PR occurred on December 13th, 2020 kicking off 7+ months of active development.


Inspiration for the art style came from some older isometric style games like Mega Man Battle Network.

All art was created by Intern Game staff members many with little to no prior artistic experience. Our artists worked tirelessly to produce a plethora of unique and original art pieces to turn our casino from a simple empty place into an exciting lively virtual world.

To populate our world, a unique set of customizable characters and accessories were created.