Painted People's Pack




Teams are directed to a "Live Stream" of a Painted Peoples Pack show.

You're stuck—and you haven't heard back from Mark about anything. Last you heard he was busy with some on-site recon and would be offline for a while. You need something to do. You consider plopping your avatar down at one of the tables but... gambling could only be so satisfying.

Skimming the signs around the casino and looking up more information about the virtual Allure Bay online, you find that there are also other activities in the space. Namely, the virtual casino contains a livestream of their in-house entertainment: a show by the famous Purple People's Pack. You've always heard about them, but never had time to get a ticket to their shows when you've visited the Strip. They are a popular show here in the casino, known for their use of bright paints to enhance their musical performance. The current members are Adskille Primære, Farver Prikker and Og Tankestreger.

"Well… I'm not doing anything right now…"

You justify your curiosity as you navigate your avatar to the show.