Act 1

Act 1 of Allure Bay had teams working for the fictional Ace Security agency. It consisted of a series of online puzzles that was published over the course of the summer! Act 1 was built to help train puzzle skills and introduce new concepts to help with participants be more successful in the second act. It is available online ( (requires Microsoft credentials). It can be solved independently or with friends.


As an avid cybersecurity enthusiast and fan of casinos, you applied for a position as entry level security personnel for Woodgrove Banks, a casino on the Vegas Strip which was beefing up security after a recent incident. After doing a few security tests for the interview, you were hired for the position. As part of your job, you were tasked to examine the security breaches of/in the facility and security systems. After finding a pretty large oversight in Woodgrove's security system and, noticing the incident might have been an inside job, you reported the issue to your manager. Wanting to cover up their involvement, your manager retaliated by getting you fired and blocked from any future casino security jobs.

Faced with this injustice, you receive a business card from a man named Mark Masters…

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