Heart of the Cards Solution

The goal is to play a five-card hand that matches the scenario the dealer is describing. The dealer will go through 3 different descriptions for each round giving a hint about what hand is required. The required hands are:

  1. 5 Jacks

    • You know, there are so many famous people named Jack, you know? Like Jack Nicholson, Jack Black, Jack Gleeson, all three both fantastic actors… Jack London, who doesn't like Call of the Wild, I heard they made it a movie recently… Jack the Ripper is famous but not for anything good I suppose… hmmm… I can only think of those 5 actually maybe there aren't so many…
    • I have not played the great game of jacks in a while, you know the one with the little jack things that you need to pick up when you bounce a ball? Did you ever play that as a kid? I learned about it when I was 5 years old and just, fell in love with the game.
    • I had to replace a tire the other day, as luck would have it not one, not two, not three!! But ALL FIVE of my tires had gone flat! You may be thinking "but cars only have 4 tires" and you're right, but my spare? Also flat! So five flat tires! Anyways I got out my jack to get the car up so I could change them out, honestly I wish I had 5 jacks in that moment so I just could've changed em all at once, took so long to do it but… at least my car is functioning again I suppose.
  2. Royal Flush (10, jack, queen, king, ace OR ace, king, queen, jack, 10, all of the same suit)

    • Maybe this is TMI but the other day I was working here in the casino when I really needed to hit the can. I went into the bathroom and saw something that changed me forever. I don't know who went in that stall before me but all I can tell you is that they certainly didn't flush. What ever they ate for lunch royally screwed up their innards.
    • This bridal party came in here the other day. How did I know it was a bridal party you might ask? They were hootin and hollerin and wearing obscene crowns. They sat down at my table and waggled their novelty crowns at me. Tell you what, that's one way to make a guy go flush.
    • You know, I like to bird watching on my off days. I drive down to the this magical park nearby that's partially wooded and right by a beach. They've got all sorts of species out there. The other day I had my eyes on this beautiful Anna's Hummingbird when I pulled a snack out of my bag. I had some french fries leftover from lunch but stupid me forgot how close I was to the beach. I was flushed out of my nice viewing spot by a swarm of angry seagulls and royal terns who thought they deserved my French fries more than me. I'll tell you what, that's the last time I bring a snack anywhere near a beach.
  3. Royal Sandwich (black card, red face card, red face card, red face card, black card)

    • Is it almost my break yet? I would really love a sandwich right now. Some dark rye bread, piled on with some bright red toppings. Nothing but the best quality for my fillings! It'll be a sandwich fit for a king. Not that we're allowed to eat at the betting tables of course.
    • Have you made it to any of the Casino restaurants yet? Gino over in the Up All Night Deli makes an EXCELLENT Reuben. You have your choice of three fillings but I always go with the classics- Royal Grade corned beef, German Queen tomatoes, and some regal red sauerkraut. Hopefully "All Night" lasts past the end of my shift!
    • I'm actually not sure when my shift does end. It's kinda hard to tell the time here in the Casino. If only someone could ante up a sandwich. Not that I could accept it! But all this food talk's really got me royally reared up to try the Rye or the Kaiser.
  4. Fibonacci (ace, ace, 2, 3, 5 suits/colors don't matter)

    • Some good rounds tonight, huh? Your winnings just keep adding up! Don't think it'll go on forever though. If you find yourself stuck, don't forget the Golden Rule, or at least to approximate it. And remember to tip your waitstaff!
    • Ooh, bad luck. Looks like these hands are spiraling out of control. This was as bad as the last two combined! Just keep it cool and stay gold, ponyboy. You can start back at zero if you gotta!
    • Last night I went to this vegan pizza place and I thought they were fibbin' that it was not cheese on my pizza. It was so delicious, it was unbelievable. I asked them to walk me through their pizza making sequence and it all checked out to me. They had a really good approximation of the perfect sauce to fake cheese ratio.
    • Remember... Remember... Remember to... Remember to drink... Remember to drink your Ovaltine!

Players take turns, and can choose to play a card, discard a card, or submit the played cards to be checked. Each player has they're own hand that they're playing to the shared table.

Upon successfully playing the heand the dealer describes, they're rewarded with an image of a chip with some letters on it. In round order they spell:



When they finish round 4, the dealer will say "Well looks like you've finished all the rounds, enjoy your winnings! I'm headed out to Caesar's Palace now, have a shift there till 7 tonight!" which indicates that they should caesar shift the letters from the tokens which gives


They should then… do that - add the chips to WATER. This reveals words on the chips: "EXODIA", "THE", "FORBIDDEN", and "ONE"