Fountain Dew Solution

  • Teams should read the starting clue above, this clues 5-bit binary encoding for letters.

  • There is a control panel near the entry path that is just off the walkway (the small gray thing just below fountain #3).

  • Teams should notice the grid of fountains and the colors behind each row; there are 6 fountains which are each a 5x6 grid (5 wide, 6 tall).

  • Each fountain cell can have water on, or no water. This is the 1 and 0 in the 5 bit binary encoding. For each row that is colored, observe the 5 fountains in that row. When decoded, it will give you a letter from A to Z.

  • Each color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) will decode to a single 6 letter word. You read a single color across all fountains. In the example above, the first 3 red letters are "INS", this is the first part of the word "INSERT".

  • Each cell in a row will be the same color and can be a rotating series of colors. Whenever there are multiple colors, each word has the same letter in that position.

  • The each of the fountains will always highlight the same red pattern regardless of the letter it is displaying.

  • The team should enter a variety of phrases into the override box in read the letter for each color out of each fountain. These are the words for each color

    • Red: INSERT
    • Orange: ANSWER
    • Yellow: WEALTH
    • Green: INSIDE
    • Blue: CORNER
    • Purple: HEDGES
  • The clue should be read as "INSERT ANSWER WEALTH INSIDE CORNER HEDGES" which is a clue to go to the corner hedge in the North-East corner of the outdoors area.

  • You should enter the answer "WEALTH" onto the lockbox

  • This tells you to enter the final answer "JOSHUA"

  • Entering "JOSHUA" into the override panel will trigger the "winning sequence