Counterheist Is On Solution

Sights And Sounds is comprised of five maps in a sequence, each containing five tables. Players can walk up to these tables and press SPACE to interact. When you do this, the table will pop up with a message that players need to respond to. They can then press y to answer "yes" and n to answer "no". You cannot interact with the same object twice.

Each table in a scene represents a bit, with "yes" being 1 and "no" being 0. (It isn't obvious which table corresponds to which bit, that'll require experimentation) Therefore, each map represents a five bit sequence, this five bit sequence representing an integer from 0 through 31 inclusive. These ultimately map to the letters A-Z, with A being 1 and Z being 26.

It's not immediately obvious which table corresponds to which bit; they'll have to figure out which is which by trial and error/seeing what data they get out from certain combinations. See the Data section for the correct combination.

Once the five tables in a scene are completed, players are either:

  1. Moved to the next scene in the sequence (when the integer represented by their five choices falls in the 1-26 range). If a player is moved to the next scene, they also receive the letter they extracted in the previous scene as part of the flavor text.

  2. Given a failure message and sent back to the beginning of the first scene (when the integer represented by their five choices is 0, or in the 27-31 range)

If the player gets through all five scenes in the sequence, they are presented with a screen like this (in this case, they didn't get the right code):

The overall goal is to get the "code" mentioned in the picture above to say HEIST. To hint at this, there is the word HEIST in all capital letters in both the intro text for all the scenes and the failure text if you enter the wrong binary string in a scene.

If the player properly spells HEIST, they receive the answer to put into Spiderdog, ALLFINISHED.




The values in each cell are the conversation prompts in each scene representing each bit.

The correct ones to answer "yes" on to get the answer HEIST are highlighted.

Scene 1An ear piece might help you communicate with your compatriots. Do you take this one?A shiny watch sits gleaming on the table, attracting your eye. Do you have the team put on watches?Erin is really interested in Christa wearing a big hat. Should Christa wear a hat to further blend in?You see a pair of shades that would both cover eyes and look super cool. Do you give them to Perry for the meeting?This pair of gloves might help your escapades go unnoticed. Do you have your team wear gloves?
Scene 2Is that another waiter? No, that's Amos as look-out. Do you want to sit him at the neighboring table?One guard is monitoring the entrance. Do you tell Erin to bribe the guard?Bugging tables happens in heist movies, right? Do you want Rick to set up a bug on the table?Amos wants to blend in by playing some poker at a nearby table. Do you let Amos play poker?Security cameras are currently overlooking the restaurant. Do you want to log on and reprogram the security cameras?
Scene 3Should Rick hack into the sound system of Allure Bay and play smooth jazz during the meeting?Mark might be on edge during the meeting. Should Perry order Mark a drink to loosen him up?Should Erin act as a disgruntled customer and start to make a scene in the restaurant? That would definitely draw people's attention.All the fancy restaurants provide salt. Should Christa to go the table and ask if they would want salt?Mark could be double-crossing Perry. Should Perry ask to see what's inside the suitcase before they carry on with the fake deal?
Scene 4Should Perry order the most expensive thing on the menu to gain Mark's trust?A perfect distraction is a birthday song! Do you get several staff to sing happy birthday to Mark during the meeting?Mark will leave behind his suitcase if he has to use the bathroom! Do you want Christa to slip something into Mark's food?Mark will lose focus on the suitcase if there is water on him! Do you have Christa walk by and spill some on Mark?Should Amos be the one to keep an eye on Mark's suitcase and switch it with a fake when Mark is distracted?
Scene 5Once Christa has the suitcase from Amos, should she head on out immediately?Erin left a bag of money near the exit. Do you want Christa to throw the bag of money in the air as you leave as a distraction?Mark's shoelaces seem to be untied. Erin could tie them together so that he could trip on them if he runs. Do you get Erin to tie Mark's shoelaces?Mark can't chase after you if his car is busted. Do want Erin to slash Mark's car tires?Fire alarms are loud and obnoxious. Do you want Christa to pull the fire alarm as she leaves?

Screenshots of all five scene starts are given below - in case GC needs to know what scene the team is in at-a-glance. Note that the flavor text (letter pops into your head) will differ based on inputs to the previous scene.