The solution is located on the underside of the UGLY name tag.


When you solve the duck conundrum you will get the phrase


Spiderdoge Responses:

THE ANSWER - It looks like your going the right direction.


INSIDE - Inside Who?

GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


Teams are provided with a script for a play along with a set of duck hats for the actors and a set of props.

Puzzle Contents:

6 Scripts for The Ugly Duckling

6 Sets of Cast of Characters

6 Prop Lists


1 Ugly Patterned Hat - Labeled UGLY

4 Identical Yellow Duck Hats - Labels DOWNY, FLUFFY, BEAKY, BILLY

6 Colored Wrist Sweatbands in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple


1 Red Apple

1 Blue Bubbles

1 Yellow Duck

1 Blue Egg

1 Purple Hand Clapper

1 Green Insect

1 Red Nerf Ball (The item is a NERF ball, so the first letter is N not B)

1 Yellow Race Car

1 Orange Squirt Gun

1 Green Toy Soldier

1 Purple Whistle

1 Orange Yoyo


This is a duck conundrum. The series of rules are provided as stage directions for the 'actors', and the rules are executed at various points throughout the script.

As the follow the rules, they will be gathering letters (the rules will say when and what letter). This will help them construct the phrase: THE ANSWER IS INSIDE. Hinting towards the end of the play should direct them where Ugly should be looking - e.g. inside himself. The should peel back the label on his name and check the back. Where the answer is written.


The following rules cause problems with teams. You can use the data grid below to help checkpoint teams at various points if you feel they need it, or just tell them that they should start over and record everything.

Each line in the spreadsheet indicates the corresponding line number in the play. Get the teams to the indicate where they are and then tell you what their state is. Preferably just tell the teams that there is something wrong here or if the need a stronger hint you can tell them what's wrong. If the have proper notes the should be able to go back and figure out where something changed.

Additionally, each line indicates the ducking 'rule' that was activated. If they don't know why their getting into a certain state, you can have them step through from a known good state (often around when the got their last correct letter) and have them describe what their doing.