Guidance Counseling (AKA Conversation)


Lavanya & Anna


VERBOSE (7 person), CHATTY (6 person), WORDY (5 person)

GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


Part 1:

Teams walk in and sit in a semi-circle across from the puzzle leader. They each receive a folder with instructions on the front and a pink paper inside. The instructions say that we need to achieve some objectives during group therapy, and it has a list of rules for the participants (basically taboo rules).

The colored paper has the name of a dwarf, some symptoms relating to that dwarf, and an objective in the form "Convince an <adjective> person to [objective]. You may not say any of the following words [word list].

Part 2:

After the first part of the puzzle, they will each receive one half-slip of paper with their 'homework' on it (generally one or two lines).


The first part of the puzzle is to straightforwardly get the objectives completed. Teams will need to act out their various dwarf personalities in order to hint the other players who they are. Teams shouldn't need hinting here.

The second part of the puzzle, each homework assignment includes a NATO letter and a number. Teams should realize fairly quickly that they need to put those letters in order based on the number in the prescription.


Common places where teams struggle / suggestions for hinting them through it.

If they are stuck on the second part - look for interesting words, look for an ordering? Honestly no one has ever needed a hint for this puzzle.