Environmental Studies





GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


Teams find items hidden in a classroom.


There are two independent paths. Items related to each path are marked with a cat or dog tape, so teams know what's what.

Trading path

  • Solvers need to take items and trade them with the teacher for things that would be a result of combining the items together.

  • There are six recipe cards representing each step along the path. There are icons that could represent multiple things, and some cards have ?s on them, but it's a starting point of what they can do. (A good place to start is the card with three symbols on it: <food> + <color> = <food> card. What does that second symbol represent? Which of the food items could be a different color?)

  • This is the path to glory:

    • Yellow Bell Pepper + Red Nail Polish = Red Bell Pepper

    • Yellow Bell Pepper + Red Bell Pepper = Orange

    • Orange + Juicer = Orange Juice

    • Sand + Glass = Hourglass

    • Hourglass (Time) + Potato = Vodka

    • Orange Juice + Vodka = Screwdriver

  • Solvers end up with a SCREWDRIVER

Cryptogram path

Teams will receive cards with a phrase on it and a bunch of emoji. Each emoji represents a letter in the phrase. (Same mechanic as Treasure Chest last year.) Figuring out what the symbols mean, they'll be able to translate the cards with just symbols on them to HIDDEN INSIDE BOARD ERASER. Taking apart the eraser, they find a key.


There's a box that is both locked and screwed shut. (It has both tapes on it, hinting that it's where the paths merge) Opening it with both tools will reveal the answer.


Common places where teams struggle / suggestions for hinting them through it.


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