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(The doubled M is deliberate)

GC Notes:

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Two books bound with a ribbon.


Part One: Grimm

Step One: Out to the side of the table of contents are a list of numbers. Indexing into the story titles spells SNOW DROP, which is one of the tales.

Step Two: On the first page of Snowdrop (Page 104) are letters underlined that spell out "BLACKLIGHT THE END"

Step Three: On the last page of the book, under the "Han's Andersen's Fairy Tales is available in Puffin Classics" is a message written in blacklight ink. It says "MY SPINE 252"

Step Four: In the spine of the book is a bookmark with holes cut out. There are blacklight registration marks on both it and page 252. When lined up, the holes are over the letters "Author Last Name"

Partial: Grimm

Part Two: Aesop

Step One: There are five bookmarks. When ordered by rainbow, they say

  • Take List of Favorites

  • Keep In Order

  • Index Story Number into story

  • Ignore Title

  • Follow Command you Receive

Step Two: There is a list of favorite fables in the front of the book. Indexing the story number into the story for the listed favorites spells out "Blacklight Petard".

Step Three: There is a story named "Hoist with her own petard" (pg 103). On that page is written in regular ink "Et Two Caesar?" And in blacklight "Crrgpf QKTG" which translates to "Append OIRE"

Partial: OIRE

OIRE is added to Grimm to spell GRIMMOIRE (with two Ms)


Haven't had a team get stuck. The UV/Blacklight pens are in the giftbag. They should have opened it earlier, it says " A token to be opened once the event begins."