Homeroom (AKA Observation)


Drewes van der Bleek & Sarah van der Bleek



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The teams are split into two rooms, with a computer + projector in one, and a camera and projector in the other.


Step One


  • The laptop has a blue screen, the text "CODE BLUE \n Enter code", six text entry boxes, and a "submit" button

  • Their TV shows the patients in B&W


  • Their TV shows the text "Camera: OK, Patient Audio: OK, Observer Audio: OK"


  • The "CODE BLUE" is a reference to the "Fun with Colors" poster on the wall. The poster has a grid of numbers with various colors, the solution is to get the blue-colored numbers and the observers punch it into the laptop

Screen Code


Step Two:


  • The screen’s background is green. The text says "Input Keycode". The text entry boxes persist. The submit box is hidden.

  • There is a new set of nine buttons arranged in a 3x3 grid.

߂൧ Ꝍ

Ꙫ Ⴕ הּ

Ᵹ ﯕ Ⱶ

  • Each button has a unique symbol that is nonsense

  • Pressing a button fills a text entry box

  • Pressing 6 in the correct order moves to the next stage

  • The camera is hidden


  • Screen says "Camera: ERROR, Patient Audio: OK, Observer Audio: OK"

  • Displayed on the screen is 15 symbols, each with a corresponding logic puzzle piece.

  • Displayed on the screen is a venn diagram of symbols/traits

    • 1. The symbol with the most separate pieces is first

    • 2. The rest of the first set is ൧ and Ⴕ

    • 3. The second set is Ꙫ ɨ הּ

    • 4. The third set is Ᵹ ୮ Ꝍ

    • 5. If ൧ is in the first row of the keypad replace Ꝍ with Ꙫ in all sets.

    • 6. Order Symbols within a set by highest number of dots first

    • 7. Symbols without curves go behind symbols with curves

    • 8. If Ⴕ is adjacent to הּ on the keypad switch the first and second symbol of each set.

    • 9. If Ᵹ is present and ൧ is in the middle column the keycode is the first two symbols in set one, Ꝍ, Ⱶ, the second symbol in the third set, and ߂.

    • 10. Else replace Ᵹ in all sets with הּ and the code is the last two symbols in the first set, ﯕ, Ꝍ, the symbol with the most dots from the second set, and ɨ.


The patients have to converse with the observers to deduce what symbols are on the keypad and what order they go in.

Screen Code

  • ൧ﯕꝌⱵꙪ߂

Step Three


  • Screen changes to Black

  • Text says "MANUAL OVERRIDE CODE NEEDED \n Please reference video training"

  • Six boxes / submit button still there

  • IR Diagnostics button disappears, replaced with "View video training" button

    • Pressing this button once plays an audio track. Pressing it again plays another audio track.

    • Continuing to press the button results in looping through all the audio clips and back to silence, pressing it again starts the process.

    • One of the audio tracks is "This one, this one, not this one, this one… etc"

    • Observer mic is muted while video is playing

  • While the video feed is playing, there is text above the button that says "Viewing training video <1>". While the video feed is not playing, there is text that says "not viewing video feed"

  • Video feed of patient room is now static


  • TV screen’s text says: "Camera: ERROR, Patient Audio: OK, Observer Audio: OK"

  • When observers press the button, the patients see the video corresponding to the audio the observers hear

  • While the video is playing, the text on the screen (overlaid on the video) says "Camera: ERROR, Patient Audio: OK, Observer Audio: ERROR"


  • There is a video of a man pointing to numbers, saying "This one, this one, NOT this one, this one", etc. One group must relay which order the numbers were pointed to, and the other group must say which numbers are part of the combo.

  • This code is entered into the first lock in the patient room

Lock Code


Step Four


  • Get unlock code from patients, enter it into their screen


  • Inside the lock is a paper with "MANUAL OVERRIDE CODE" and 912347

  • There is also a booklet titled "Emergency procedures".

    • Each item in the list has a colored background

    • Each item in the list is numbered


Screen Code


Step Five


  • Screen changes to say "FINAL ATTEMPT \n Please reference emergency procedures"

  • The text input boxes change from white to colored

  • A group of colored buttons appears, each labeled with the color they are, as well as ON and OFF

  • Camera feed is restored, but sound from observers to patients is removed. Can still hear patients


  • Screen changes to say "Camera: OK, Patient Audio: OK, Observer Audio: ERROR"

  • Background color on the screen changes to the corresponding color when the observers press the button


  • The observers need a sequence of colors for their code, and need to communicate it to the patients without being able to speak. They use the colored light to speak to the patients. The patients must realize that they need to give the numbered emergency procedure steps that correspond with the colors that they are being shown. This code is entered into the observer’s computer

Screen Code


Step Six


  • Everything disappears off of the laptop screen, replaced with the message "For security purposes, you have been locked out of the system. Please reference case number #4337


  • The screen changes to say "For security purposes, you have been locked out of the system. Please reference case number #4337"


  • Patients enter the code into the door, and receive the answer to the puzzle

Lock Code



The teams need to focus on communicating calmly and clearly with each other.


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