They'll be given the answer code "Trollface" when they tell the troll the correct story.

Possible answers they may ask about include: Goose-Faced Girl (remoced), King of the Gold Mountain, Boots of Buffalo Leather, Knapsack Hat and the Horn, The Mouse the Bird and the Sausage

GC Notes:

For Part I, the Fairy Tale the Troll is looking for is The Clever Little Tailor. The Staff Troll will need to know the name and the gist of the story.


Part I:

Walk to [location] and pass a fountain/river/kiddie pool. There are many different colored ducks in this "pond". (Maybe I should totally call this a Fairy Fountain… This is Zelda right?) When the team wants to cross the bridge / enter the building before them, they are stopped by a Troll. "You want to cross my bridge? I'll eat you before you cross my bridge! If you want to cross, first tell me my favorite Fairy Tale. My good duckling dinners, er friends, know the story well."


Part I:

  1. After talking to the Troll, the teams will go to the fountain/pond/thing. Staff will be there to limit usage of nets which are required to catch ducklings, 2 per team.

  2. Team members will go fishing for ducks and bring (up to 2) ducks back to analyze with their team.

  3. Team members analyze each duck.

  4. Each duck has a different letter encoded on the back to bring you to the answer

  5. Encodings are the following:

  6. In the end, the team will get a phrase for the Troll's favorite fairy tale

  7. Look up the fairy tale and tell it to the Troll. (Fairy tale is Clever Little Tailor)

  8. The troll will let 3 team members pass.

*** These 3 team members will be stripped of phones, paper, and anything that could help them communicate to the other players. They will have a staff member to guide them. ***

Part II - Across the Pond

  1. These three team members will be given one of 5 fairy tales to tell their team mates.

  2. They will be put in a position to communicate with their team out of sound distance but in viewing distance

  3. The fairy tale title consists of 3 letters, 2 are written out 1 is in Pig Pen

  4. This half of the team will try to message these words back to their team.

  5. After their team gives a passing signal, they will meet up and continue on their way.

Part II - With the Troll

  1. The troll will tell the other half of the team they need to tell him another fairy tale before they can join their friends.

  2. They will be able to find the other half of their team on the other side of the bridge.

  3. This half of the team will watch their team mates try to convey a message of 3 words.

  4. When they get the 3 words, they'll need to look up the appropriate fairy tale to tell the Troll.

  5. The Troll will let them pass when they get the correct fairy tale.

  6. The team-half conveying the message will have 3 words: 2 in english, one in pigpen.

    1. The Knapsack (pigpen), Hat (word), and the Horn (word)

    2. The Mouse (word), the Bird (pigpen), and the Sausage (word)

    3. The King (word) of the Golden (pigpen) Mountain (word)

    4. The Boots (word) of Buffalo (word) Leather (pigpen)


Common places where teams struggle / suggestions for hinting them through it.


Put links to files on the Sharepoint and any other raw data.

These are what is represented on each duck in the pond.

ORANGE (Semaphore. There are dots on each representing its order (1,2,3,4,5,6) in the fairy tale title. This is the order)

BLACK (Braille. The braille dots are represented by lines. There are lines on each line representing which index in the word it is in. These are the correct order)

*Green (Pigpen. There are a different number of lines on each representing what index it is into the fairy tale title word. *