Map Room




Building 31

Building Thirty One



Partial Answers:

Take first letter from each line - Keep going

Abracadabra - Tell that to the guardian of the room

GC Notes:


At the hub teams receive 6 colored amulets/pendants.

Upon arrival at the puzzle they then also receive a missing journal page


Each pendant is encrypted by a Caesar cipher with a different rot. The rot to decrypt corresponds to a building on the campus map

Red - 24

Orange - 22

Yellow - 9

Green - 19

Blue - 1

Violet - 21

Decoding each pendant and placing the results in ROYGBV order yields:

At last you try to enter the Room

but now you know what to TAKE to the tomb.

Recite the magic word to continue the quest

and bid farewell to this FIRST test.

Closely pay attention, you'd better

and follow these rules to the LETTER.

Darkness FROM which a guiding light will appear

after each is returned to its place of yesteryear.

Begin at the start and alight EACH one in turn.

Rotate to redirect the path and yield

at the end of the LINE the answer revealed.

Noticing that there is one BIG WORD in each stanza yields:


And doing that gives:


Saying the" magic word" abracadabra to staff unlocks the room.

Teams enter the dark and foggy room and notice the large version of the campus map.

Each pendant contains an RFID tag and the buildings have a reader, so when each is placed on the building which corresponds to the rot the building activates and glows, and in the case of building 24 (the red pendant) a laser shoots out of it.

Rotating building 24 so that the laser hits building 22 (the building with the orange pendant) causes 22 to now shoot a laser.

In order to shoot a laser each building needs to BOTH have been activated by the pendant and receive the beam from the building prior.

Repeating this process they redirect the laser so it hits each building with a pendant in ROYGBV order

24 -> 22 -> 9 -> 19 -> 1 -> 21

After this, they rotate 21 around, and should notice that when 31 is hit it lights up and is exciting. And indeed Building Thirty One is the answer


  • Encoding vs Decoding ROT - for example 19 <-> 7 and there is no building 7

  • There are 2 lines on (most) pendants ARCDBR vs ABRACADABRA

  • Occassionally the RFID readers are finicky - try moving the tag there and back a couple times

  • Only 6 buildings are moveable

    • might help if they used a solver on the pendants and so don't know the rots

    • Or if they only solved the bare minimum on the pendants and don't actually have any instructions

  • With the new tech, the aim is much more forgiving, so its possible to activate a building with the laser aiming slightly off


Text on the pendants:

Cickp aqw vta vq gpvgt vjg Tqqo

dwv pqy aqw mpqy yjcv vq VCMG vq vjg vqod.

Vigmxi xli qekmg asvh xs gsrxmryi xli uyiwx

erh fmh jeviaipp xs xlmw JMVWX xiwx.

Tcfjvcp grp rkkvekzfe, pfl'u svkkvi

reu wfccfn kyvjv ilcvj kf kyv CVKKVI.

Khyrulzz MYVT dopjo h nbpkpun spnoa dpss hwwlhy

hmaly lhjo pz ylabyulk av paz wshjl vm flzalyflhy.

Adfhm zs sgd rszqs zmc zkhfgs DZBG nmd hm stqm.

Wtyfyj yt wjinwjhy ymj ufym fsi dnjqi

fy ymj jsi tk ymj QNSJ ymj fsxbjw wjajfqji.

Journal Page:


...I went to great lengths to visit every crypt in order to find the six pendants necessary to open the Room. However, now that I've obtained them, the Room still remains elusive. I have a hunch that the trick to decoding the pendants is connected to where each was obtained. If only I kept better records of where I found each one…