Insect Zoo

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Partial Answers


GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


8 cups with bugs in them (the bugs themselves are not relevant to the puzzle), 5 sets of 8 colored coasters with bugs cut out of them, 8 pictures on the bottom of plates.


Players must arrange cut-out coasters according to each master image. The order of the coasters isn't important for the final extraction, but it is a unique order for each set.

Then, they decode the sides into 5 bit ascii: reading a black bar on the side is 0, and not is 1. (This also means it's the orientation of the bugs: vertical is 0, horizontal is 1) Ordering those letters by resistors gets you the answer: Features


1: 00110 -> F

2: 00101 -> E

3: 00001 -> A

4: 01010 -> T

5: 10101 = U

6: 10010 -> R

7: 00101 -> E

8: 10011 -> S