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Partial Answers

WING: Keep going.

GC Notes:

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Teams receive a box with a lid, angels on the front, and bones inside. There's a poem attached to the lid:

Herein lies Sir Oafy the Mangled, Knight of the realm and protector of secrets. His sinister hand was the first, and his dexter carpals the last. He was a fan of tall tales -- which is good, since his longest bones were on either side of his jaw. He placed great emphasis on his humerous nature, and kept one before his right hand, and one before any small fibulas he had to tell. He had a good head under his backbone, and his sternum demeanor followed immediately after. He kneeded to keep his right foot forward of his favorite performer, Pelvis (Which he thought was humerus, after). The radius of his truths were behind the diameter of his fibulas. Tibia fair, being joined between a circular measurement and a femur wouldn't be fun. His ulnamate weakness was between his chest and left foot. His spine was second, overall. His Radius was ninth.


The poem on the box is a logic puzzle. The first step of the puzzle is to order the bones based on the data:

Puzzle Steps:

  1. Recognize that the poem on the box is a logic puzzle.

  2. Arrange the bones according to the logic puzzle ordering.

  3. Follow the instructions on the bones when ordered properly.

  4. Index into the words on the bones to extract the answer.

18 bones with words on them consisting of (list is ordered):

  1. Left hand -- Reverse

  2. Vertebrae -- Rotate

  3. Cranium -- My

  4. Sternum -- Name

  5. Ulna -- By

  6. Left Foot -- Number

  7. Humerous -- of

  8. Fibula -- Parts

  9. Radius -- then

  10. Tibia -- remove

  11. Femur  --that

  12. Jaw -- article

  13. Femur -- That

  14. Patella -- Is

  15. Right Foot-- made

  16. Pelvis --  Out

  17. Humerus -- of

  18. Right Hand -- stone

Rotating the letters in the skeleton's name (OATY, from the beginning of the poem) by the number of bones (18), yields WING. Removing the wing from the angel on the front of the box reveals a piece of paper with:

Bone: Letter:

1 6

15 4

8 1

6 2

12 6

12 5

13 2

4 4

2 1

Following that indexing spells the answer: Sepulcher