Atrus' Journal (Dig it Up)





Partial Answers


GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


The interns are given a journal with 8 plastic sheet holders, with sheets in them holding Sudokus and Fillominos. The plastic sheet holders have tiles adhered to them.

There are [activities? Trivia questions? An open room of hidden objects?] to retrieve 39 missing tiles that Atrus could not find [or the locals would not give to him], and it is the Interns' job to finish the work he started. Atrus believes there's something there if they just look through.

When they take all the sheets out initially, most of the Green O is formed. This should hint what they will be doing for the rest of the puzzle.


  1. Solve the Sudoku and Fillomino puzzles.

    1. They should know they can pull out the sheets of paper to solve this.
  1. Collect tiles.

    1. Complete activity, will be given a token. Take the token to the front to receive a bag of tiles. (not all the tiles are necessary to solve.)
  1. Receive bag

    1. Paper tells you what sheet each tile goes on

      1. Tile should be placed on that number. (place the sheets back in the plastic covers, this way the tiles will line up.)
    1. Tiles have a color with number (1-10) on the front

      1. The number on the front is the number Solver had to write in on that grid. The tiles are unique so they will only have filled in one of that number on that grid. In some cases, there are two spaces with the same number, they will receive a matching tile for that. If asked, don't tell them right away. They'll get a tile eventually that proves this.
  1. After sticking all tiles to the plastic covering sheets (just like the tiles already stuck!), it is suggested to pull the sheets out of the plastic again.
  1. Look through the plastic sheets and you will see the colors line up to form letters. If you separate by color and order by ROYGBV, you will see the answer


Note on format: Ask the first question initially. Do not go on unless they are really stuck. Hopefully those are separate calls.

Don't want to take the sheets out of the plastic.

  1. Yes you can do that.

Don't want to adhere tiles to the plastic

  1. Go ahead and do it, some were already given to you. That is, if you're confident that's where they go.

Can we have tape for the tiles? How can we do this?

  1. The tiles have adhesive on the back.

Who are the locals?

  1. Talk to the people there.

I’ve solved all the puzzles, now what?

  1. Go find yourself some tiles.

We think the numbers correspond to a different color. The red 5 attaches to the green 5, etc.

  1. Wrong track, there is no linking like that here.

We think each color only has one number per grid.

  1. That is false. A color can have multiple numbers on the grid.

We think each number has one color on the grid.

  1. False. A number can be different colors on the grid. But when you’re given a tile, there is only one place for it.

We don’t know what these puzzles are.

  1. Sudoku and Fillomino.

We’ve put all the tiles down but still don’t see anything.

  1. Pull the sheets out, and look through the clear pages top-down. Do you see anything now?

  2. What have you noticed about the positions of the tiles?

  3. Do you see any shapes?

Are the tiles on the sheets a Fillomino?


I don’t know where the tiles go.

  1. Do you notice anything in common with the tiles and the grids? What do you think the numbers mean (on either side)?

How can we tell where the tiles go?

  1. Each grid is unique, and the tiles have a unique position on their grid.

  2. You should be able to find where the tiles go by splitting them up by grid-sheet. That's what the number on the back is.

  3. What numbers do you have for tiles?

  4. How often do those numbers show up on the grid?

  5. What's different about that number on the grid?

We thought we saw the pattern was the tile goes on the number we filled in, but that broke on [x] grid(s).

  1. Have your team make sure all your puzzles are correct. You're on the right track.


Put links to files on the Sharepoint and any other raw data.

Disclaimer: Knowledge of Atrus and linking books are not necessary to solve this puzzle, but anyone that does go the extra mile (*bing*) would get a hint they're supposed to see an image through the pages (much like the linking book transports you to another world).