Welcome to Artifact

Doctor Washington ("Tony" to his friends) is the chief archeologist for ARTIFACT. When he isn't in an exotic location excavating the past, he lives in a humble house in Western Washington with his dog. His hobbies include playing action/adventure games on Xbox One and collecting film reels from the 30's.

ARTIFACT is a world class team of adventure archeologists who seek to re-discover the ancient riches of the world. They keep the exact locations and number of their dig sites secret to protect them from thieves, but the company boasts that they have dozens of active sites at a time making them one of the most prodigious archeological groups in the world.

Event Info

Artifact (code named Serpens) was the 16th incarnation of the Microsoft Intern Game and took place on July 30-31 2016. Interns travelled eastward into the Cascade mountains in search of some extraordinary ARTIFACT dig sites.

Prior to this adventure we provided details on a variety of dig sites (http://aka.ms/artifact) that interns could help study wiouth needing to leave campus. You should still be able to look through them now (with Microsoft credentials).