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The team will do a DDR activity to get three bags of tiles. (More data here later).


3 activities to receive tiles

  • Corn hole

  • Tennis ball slingshot

  • Maze

The only activity with a puzzle component is the maze.

The maze has a number of different stations with an animal joke and the answer underneath a flap. The teams search for all the stations and fill in the answers on their worksheets, and then transpose the letters to the answer sheet at the bottom to solve the riddle (Why was the pony coughing? He was a little horse!)

As the team finishes each DDR activity, they will receive a bag of laser-print tiles in different shapes and colors with various letters on them. All the tiles in a given bag will have the same symbol on them (* ! ^), so that even if the tiles get mixed up with tiles from other bags, teams can reassemble the three original groupings.

(One or two sets of tiles have @s instead of ^s for legacy reasons.)

Across all 3 bags, all of the tiles with the same color are the same shape.

GreenHeptagon (7)

Within each bag, the tiles of each color anagram to spell a word. Across bags, the words of the same color are 3 words that represent 3/4 of a famous foursome.

Red (wizard of oz foursome)


Orange (Hogwarts houses)


Yellow (Beatles)


Green (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)


Blue (card suits)


Indigo (cardinal directions)


Violet (4 horsemen of the apocalypse)


The next logical step is to name the fourth member of the foursome. Then, index into that by the # of sides that the shape has. Put the resulting letters in rainbow order to spell OUTLAST

Color4th Member# SidesLetter


No one has needed hints on this yet. But maybe if they are having trouble they should look at the blue ones - as they don't contain any names and are simple, short anagrams.

Indexing and rainbow ordering are common puzzling steps but you might need to point them towards them.


Tiles: Documents/MSIG 2016/Clues/Famers Only/Farmers Only.vsdx?d=wf8b68596fd39483c8fd8eee9d58a6321

Maze worksheet: Documents/MSIG 2016/Clues/Famers Only/Farmers Only - Maze.docx?d=waffb5c1453b8464693c4e4558e760753

Riddle answer:

Where do cows go on a Saturday night? TO THE MOO-VIES

What do you call a sleeping bull? A BULLDOZER

Why do cows like being told jokes? THEY LIKE TO BE AMOOSED

Why did the turkey cross the road? IT WAS THE CHICKEN'S DAY OFF

What kind of things do farmers talk about while milking cows? UDDER NONSENSE

What games do cows play at parties? MOOSICAL CHAIRS

What do you get when you feed cows money? RICH MILK

What do you call the story of the 3 little pigs? A PIGTAIL