Ship Battles





GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


Teams arrive on location to see four gridded fields and eight cannons. They are directed to one of the cannons, and receive a packet containing three copies of a 12x12 Battleships puzzle.


The team fires Nerf balls onto their assigned field, acquiring hit and miss data for the 12x12 Battleship puzzle. As they find hits, they receive two things: row and column hit counts for the large puzzle, and smaller (6x6) puzzles to solve. Four of these smaller puzzles have colors on them which match colored cells on the larger puzzle. The rest of the puzzles they get are just to spend as currency (to purchase explosive shots), and do not matter to the solve.

The team must gain all the data for the 12x12 Battleship, and all the data for the four colored 6x6 Battleships as well. (The staff member operating the store will be able to verify correct data upon request by means of a transparent overlay).

To solve the puzzle, overlay the 6x6 puzzles on top of the 12x12 puzzle by matching the colored cells. (On the original grid, the second column and fourth row have a yellow marking. The intersection of those is in the top left quadrant, so the yellow small grid goes in the top left quadrant.) The resultant grid can be read as Braille, left to right and top to bottom:






Teams may struggle with overlaying the smaller puzzles on the large in the correct locations. Point out the colors indicating specific locations on the larger puzzle.