Abandon Hope





GC Notes:

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The pirate gives them a handout, and points them to a series of posters.


The Law steps teams through the puzzle:

  1. "At first you might choose to resist arrest." - The posters should already be presented in resistor color order: Black, Brown, ROYGBV, Gray, White, Gold, Silver

  2. "But you will fail and be locked up in cages better suited for pigs." - Pigpen is the next layer, and they read INDEX BODY TEXTS BY PI DIGITS.

  3. "You'll learn to obey instructions, word for word, after a certain point. - Indexing the body texts, by words, using 1, 4, 1, 5… (after the decimal point for pi) gives EVERY VERDICT READ TURN AIRY; LAW EXPLAINS VALUES; THEN GROUPS OF THREE.

  4. "You can count on nobody being innocent, but it sounds like too many people disagree." - Reading the verdicts as ternary values (0 = not guilty, 2 = appeal, 1 = guilty), in groups of three, give 112 / 001 / 202 / 120 == NATO

  5. "In the end, as the seven criminals have learned by now, it's not how you began, but how you finish that matters!" After finding all 7 NATO phonetic letters, julieT, romeO, victoR, foxtroT, zulU, novembeR, charliE, their
    last letters read TORTURE.

Submitting that to Spiderdog gives the response: What is that? Reading Torture, we find the string: "What is Torture? Put simply, it is enhanced questioning". ENHANCEDQUESTIONING is the final answer


When in doubt, point them to the handout. Figure out what steps they've done so far, and the next line will hint at the next step. If they're trying to do something else and haven't started on the handout yet, point them back there.


See above under "Presentation."