Lagoon (AKA Sharks)





GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


Teams arrive at a lagoon, staffed by a couple of "lifeguards", with a few colored markers in the water. The lifeguards will not let the interns into the water until they beat him/her at a game of Go Fish


Step One: Go Fish

  • Lifeguards have a stack of cards with single letters and one of six suits

  • Interns play Go Fish while the lifeguard, and are given differing responses based on their ask:

    • [something other than a fish] -> that's not a fish

    • [a fish name] -> that fish name seems really long

    • [a single letter] -> regular old Go Fish: if the interns guess a letter they don't have "Go Fish!", otherwise the interns get all copies of the guessed letter

  • Letters per suit can be anagrammed into the names of common sharks:

    • Spades: Hammer

    • Hearts: Lemon

    • Diamonds: Reef

    • Clubs: Tiger

    • Stars: Whale

    • Teardrops: White

  • If the interns come back to the lifeguard with the name of a shark, they will be directed to a second lifeguard

Step Two: The Sharks and Skewers

  • The second lifeguard will ask what shark name they have identified, then direct them to a colored balloon in the water. Attached to that balloon is a bucket full of that type of shark.

    • Teams take one shark - they have 2 holes in them!

    • Upon exiting the water, lifeguard will offer the team a skewer as well (for stabbing)

  • Skewers have letters on them. Skewers go in the sharks and then different letters are visible.

  • When properly assigned to the correct shark, each skewer contains 3 pieces of data, concatenated together:

    • 1st and last letter: provide a hint to next step - "WHAT IS HIDDEN"

    • Middle section: hidden by the shark - "EACH HAS EIGHT"

    • Rest of it: way to identify which shark goes with each skewer ("new skewer word")

Shark NameNew Skewer WordFirst Let.Half of new skewer wordHidden insideSecond half of new skewer wordLast Let.Concatenated
  • Hidden letters lead to message: "EACH HAS EIGHT" -> Sharks have eight fins.

  • Answer: FINS


  • Some teams have trouble figuring out to ask the lifeguard for single letters in the first step. On-site GC should hopefully handle this through emphasis if a team keeps coming back, but yeah. Single letters. Ask them if they've tried short names for fish, and if they have, ask what is even shorter than a 2- or 3- letter word.

  • Yeah, the skewers are sometimes hard to fit in the sharks. Sorry.

  • PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONFIRM DATA. Sometimes the ink on the skewer runs.

  • The skewers WERE NOT assigned when they got the shark. You can remind the teams that they just randomly picked a stick

  • A lot of people find the first and last letters, figure out an ordering, and use that to solve without really using the sharks. That's fine. This is a good place to have them start looking.

  • Yes, the internet will auto-complete to "Sharks have 8 senses" - no, this is not the answer. Tell the teams they can focus on the physical sharks that they have. And no, the tail fin doesn't count as 2 fins.