Sea Shanties

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GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


Teams are given a CD case with a booklet and an audio CD inside. Future revisions may include a flash drive with the audio that's on the CD.


There are two data streams on the cover that should be immediately apparent:

  • The words title and subtitle of the album's first letter spells out MUSIC PIRACY. This should key that acrostics are important later.

  • Around the edge is some ternary using periods for 0's, minuses for 1's, and plusses for 2's. With 'A' starting at 001 (..-) through 'Z' at 222 (+++), the message starting from the top left and going around clockwise is EACH SONG HAS ONE WORD WRONG USE THAT WORD

Inside the booklet are lyrics for each of the songs on the CD in the order they appear on the CD. Each music clip is a few seconds long, and teams will need to figure out which section of the lyrics they need to look at. While listening, they will also note that one word is covered up by static.

Taking the first letter of each word from the lyric sheet that is wrong, they will get the phrase SORT BY ARTIST, with the corresponding letters from the static-d out words being LHTGEOPNICFL. Sorting that by the artist name gives LENGTH OF CLIP, and getting that information in artist order, converting from seconds directly to a number (eg. 1 sec = A) yields the answer INFRINGEMENT


Include links to files on the Sharepoint, and any other intermediate data.


Track Order Data:

#SongArtistWord to Static

Word to screw up

Original (Wrong)

Letter from StaticLetter from screwed up lyricsTrack lengthLetter from Track
1Jesse JamesPogues, TheLadyChildren (Siblings)LS5E
2The Ballad of Bonnie and ClydeGeorgie FameHighThat (Our)HO14N
3Stealing People's MailDead KennedysTaxTake (Run)TR9I
4BankrobberClash, TheGreySpinning (Trapped)GT18R
5Have You Seen Bruce Richard ReynoldsAlabama 3EyesEuston (Bretton)EB14N
6Been Caught StealingJane's AddictionOnceStealing (Yodeling)OY7G
7Don't Download this SongWeird Al YankovicPoolsDon't (All)PA20T
8Pretty Boy FloydByrds, TheNeverOutlaw (Rebel)NR6F
9Where in the World is Carmen SandiegoRockapellaItineraryMoving (Temporal)IT14N
10Enter Napster (Internet Sandman)Johnny CrassCloseNow (If)CI13M
11One Piece at a TimeJohnny CashFuelNext (Second)FS5E
12Stand and DeliverAdam and the AntsLifeMoney (Trinkets)LT9I

Artist Order Data:

SongArtistWord to StaticLetter from StaticTrack lengthResult Letter
Stand and DeliverAdam and the AntsLifeL9I
Have You Seen Bruce Richard ReynoldsAlabama 3EyesE14N
Pretty Boy FloydByrds, TheNeverN6F
BankrobberClash, TheGreyG18R
Stealing People's MailDead KennedysTaxT9I
The Ballad of Bonnie and ClydeGeorgie FameHighH14N
Been Caught StealingJane's AddictionOnceO7G
One Piece at a TimeJohnny CashFuelF5E
Enter Napster (Internet Sandman)Johnny CrassCloseC13M
Jesse JamesPogues, TheLadyL5E
Where in the World is Carmen SandiegoRockapellaItineraryI14N
Don't Download this SongWeird Al YankovicPoolsP20T