AKA Pirate Words of Power





GC Notes:

GC to update day-of-game.


Teams pull an eyepatch off the skeleton of a dead pirate or something, and get a list of Pirate Words of Power and five papers with grids on them. (received out of order)


The first thing the teams should notice is that the Pirate Words Of Power are a superset of the puzzle answers. That's right: this is a meta!

Each answer goes in one of the blank lines on the grids. To get started, several answers have unique lengths. To go further, they need to figure out what the eyepatch has to do with it. The eyepatch has a set of holes in it- each answer has several I's in it (I-patch, har har), and there's a way to overlay the eyepatch such that the holes reveal the I's.

As they fill out the grids, it will become clear that one letter exposed by each eyepatch is not an I. Anagramming the five letters in this way spells the answer, AVAST.


If teams have no clue what to do, recommend that they figure out a way to use the eyepatch. Discourage them from using the coins/pieces of eight they received previously, since they aren't relevant to this puzzle. (They're used in the next puzzle, but the interns don't know that yet.)