Required Reading Solution

How It Works

The posters are pictures of book titles. The borders are ASCII encoded characters indicating what paragraph, chapter, and word to look up from that title. There are several hints in the flavor text such as an acrostic, and phrases like "a bit of truth".

Fight Club
A Separate Peace (Peas)
Beyond Good and Evil (Bee on Good and Evil)
Grapes of Wrath
Frankenstien (Frank and stien)
Things Fall Apart
Little Women
The borders are all in the format, starting from the upper left, C##P##W##, where ## are digits. To get this you must decode each 2 row by 4 column block using the following binary scheme into ASCII, colored bits are 1:


When you pull out all the words and keep them in rainbow order, you get "War of the Worlds seventeen four twenty-six". When you get the 26th word of the 4th paragraph of the 17th chapter of War of the Worlds, you get:



Design Notes

Inspired by that scene from National Treasure where the kid pulls out words from the constitution. I had to rework the border several times as it stumped many testers.

Construction Notes

GC Notes