Clue DesignChristine Moeller
DevelopmentChristine Moeller
ConstructionChristine Moeller, Jon Caruana, Greg Filpus, Andy Rich, Alex MacGregor, Travis Snoozy
On-site StaffEmily Egeland, Ross Snider, Ben Randall, Shane Lile


This puzzle cannot be solved online, but could be constructed without spoiling it using the instructions below.

Teams are provided with the following:

  • 1 white box with lid. On the lid is a giant bow. (approx. 12" diameter.) The bow is made up of 12 strips of laminated poster and 1 strip of laminated blank white paper. The poster can be seen here.
  • 2 copies of the handout (4 pages each), on paper crumpled within the box.
  • 2 black wet-erase expo markers, also within the box.

Download the construction guide.
Download the handout.

Photo of a team who has just received the bows puzzle.
Photo used with permission from Claire Lee on team Sky Blue.