Alien DNA

Clue DesignGreg Filpus
Electronics and SoftwareAndy Echols
PVC and WoodshopTristan Brown
Networking SuperheroKyle Farnung
ConstructionAlex Guthrie, Andy Echols, Andy Rich, Brian Beck, Chris Sherry, Derek Westcott, Emily Hazelton, Greg Filpus, Irina Litvin, Jamie Eckman, Jon Caruana, Joshua May, Kim Vlcek, Kyle Farnung, Nick Fang, Rebecca Kim, Travis Snoozy, Tristan Brown
On-site StaffAndy Echols, Chris Sherry, David Miller, Joshua May, Kyle Farnung, Mitch Jewell, Steve Howard, and much of the MEC staff in one way or another


Teams find a device with a lot of blinky lights on it. A Surface identifies it as a "Mutatron 9001"- pushing the start button makes the contraption light up.

This puzzle cannot be solved online.

Interns basking in the glow of the 'splicing' machine
Photo: Brian Beck