Phone Home

Clue DesignKim Vlcek
DevelopmentKim Vlcek, Shane Lile, Andy Rich
ConstructionKim Vlcek
On-site StaffDerek Westcott, Emily Egeland, Federico Gomez Suarez,


Teams have received (at different locations):

  • One sheet with a "star and station map" with dots and boxes noting various "stars" and "signalling stations" (received at finale location)
  • One sheet labelled "range finder" with a circle drawn on it (received at Floopy)
  • The knowledge that pigpen is involved in the final coordinate system, which is gotten by the answer to the previous puzzle (Hedrons). As reinforcement, that information is also in the response when they type that answer into Spiderdog.
  • One sheet with flavortext:
    • It's now time to broadcast a signal out to alien's home planet! Each of these nine stars is within the range of multiple stations, each having a different signal value, which are used to generate a broadcast frequency. Remember, you should have recently received tools that will help you on your mission. Good luck and may you make contact successfully!