Phone Home Solution

How It Works

  • Flavortext implies that maybe we should overlay the range finder on the star map to figure out which signalling stations are within the range of each star.

  • Teams should notice that the magnitude of each station within the range of each star is unique (one single digit number, one in the 10s, one in the 100s, etc) and each is only composed of a leading digit and zeros (30, not 34 or 500, not 517)

  • Add the station frequency numbers together. Teams should get:

    • A: 759
    • B: 3179.5
    • C: 317
    • D: 179
    • E: 13971
    • F: 1397.5
    • H: 397
    • I: 317
    • J: 179.5
  • Now to use a standard phone pad with these frequencies! Teams should have the hint "Use pigpen" for this part and that is what they should do.

  • Look at the puzzle title for a hint

  • Drawing lines on a phone pad from one number to the next (759 = 7 -> 5 -> 9) teams will get pigpen shapes.

  • ".5" should be interpreted as a "dot" in the middle of the pigpen shape.

    Anything you want hidden on page load, if you want to support online solving of the puzzle.



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