Clue DesignKim Vlcek
DevelopmentKim Vlcek
ConstructionKim Vlcek, Matt Vanderkolk
On-site StaffKim Vlcek, Brian Beck, Jett Jones, Charles Salada, Matt Lovell


Teams enter a room with a staff member/alien translator and are handed a stack of index cards with alien words on them (as well as a few with just regular numbers), a sheet of English words, and a handout with a list of alien words.

The translator explains, We know that the words on the index cards and the words on the paper are the same set of words, but we're not sure of the mapping. The only way we've been able to communicate with the alien so far is using analogies. You can use these index cards to set up analogies, and I will respond in one of three ways:

  1. Simple no. The analogy isn't valid.
  2. Two thumbs up! The analogy is valid.
  3. One thumbs up, on a specific half of the analogy. This means that THREE of the cards are the start to a valid analogy, but the 4th makes in invalid. The thumbs up goes to the half of the analogy that has both pieces correct already.