Vision Solution

How It Works

There is a specific order in which these puzzle parts need to be solved, which is *not* given to the teams ahead of time. Instead they must discover this order for themselves.

First step: Notice that while the large E eye chart is spaced like a regular eye chart, the ABC chart is laid out in a grid. The direction of the E's provide a map through the ABC chart. (An E facing down means go one letter down in the ABC chart, and E facing right means go right, etc.) Following this map through the ABC chart, most of the letters can be crossed off. The letters that are not hit on the path through the ABC chart spell "Words in these spots"

Second step: Teams will then notice that the close-up vision sentences sheet has a similar layout to the ABC chart, namely that the number of words in each sentence corresponds to the number of letters in the corresponding row in the ABC chart. Thus, "Words in these spots" means to pick out the words in the sentences that are in the same positions as those letters in the ABC chart. Picking out these words gives the teams "People who take part in the next activity should know to only focus on every third circle."

Third step: Looking at only every third circle on the colorblindness tests, notice that the numbers contained within them are within the 1-26 range. Using A=1, B=2, etc, read out the final answer.

Anything you want hidden on page load, if you want to support online solving of the puzzle.



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