Quick Solution

How It Works

The sheet is divided into 8 headed sections, and each section provides one letter. Reading those from sections 1 through 8 gives the answer.

Section 1 (Identification of Substance)

They should key on the unique reference number being "IDX-13", telling them to index into the trade name of the substance (MacGuffin Stabilizer) whose 13th letter is B

Section 2 (Material Composition)

The important part here is the CAS number (ASCI-1099-1017), which, taking the two numbers and subtracting them and converting them to ASCII yields 82, or R

Section 3 (Physical/Chemical Characteristics)

Add together all of the numbers and convert it into a letter. The numbers sum to 15, so the letter is O

Section 4 (Control and Protective Measures)

Each of the four sentences has the word "dash" or "dot" in it (this is unclued), although it's embedded in other words in the last two sentences. From the sentences, they get "dash dot dash dot" which is the letter C when translated from Morse Code

Section 5 (Fire/Explosion Hazzards)

They should take a hint at the double Zs in Hazzard in the section heading. Each sentence has a word (in particular the first word) with a double letter, which will read out "Charlie." This is NATO for C

Section 6 (Health Hazard Data)

Everything is yes/no, which can be taken as a one or zero in binary. All five together would then be 01111, which is the number 15, or the letter O

Section 7 (First-Aid Procedures)

There are apostrophes and backticks pointing to letters, which will spell out the phrase "The letter L." The letter they want is L

Section 8 (Handling and Use/Leak Procedures)

The first word in each procedure should be concatenated together. The first words are, in order: Square, Root, Negative, One. The square root of negative one is also known as I