Lab Closing

Clue DesignKim McKenna
DevelopmentKim McKenna, Nicholas Fang
ConstructionKim McKenna, Jett Jones, Ben "Jeeves" Butler, Greg Filpus, Dan McKenna
On-site StaffKim McKenna, Dan McKenna, Matt "Raggs" Lovell, Greg Filpus, Jett Jones, Jamie Eckman, Matt Vanderkolk, Jay "QQ" McCleery


Teams arrive at the location and meet several stations where lab associates are cleaning up and helping to close down a lab. Interns must perform a different task at each station which will give them the name of the secret project the staff member is working on.

Paper Shredder

Teams will be offered a bag filled with shredded paper to 'dispose' of. Interns should assemble the shredded paper, which contains a rebus. It looks like this:

Rebus image

Box Packing

Box Packing

Teams will be presented with a series of stacks of 3 boxes - white on top, then brown, then black on the bottom, with a sign indicating the weight of each stack of boxes. There is also a sign with box packing instructions. Interns will be told to verify that the stacks of boxes are packed according to the instructions, but are not to touch or open the boxes.

The packing instructions show the empty and full weights for each type of box.

The weights of each stack are: 16lbs - 8lbs - 12lbs - 10lbs - 10lbs - 8lbs - 16lbs - 12lbs

Document Censor

Teams are given a report to censor.

Sample Analysis

Teams are given several chromatography strips and asked to determine their composition. This activity is not solvable online.

Solution Safety

Teams will be given a set of 12 liquids/solutions, 24 small wood/bead things (12 of 2 different sizes) and be given the task of determining the volatility of them. This activity is not solvable online.