Cornerstone of the Future

Clue DesignHawthorne
On-site StaffTristian, Hawthorne, Amos, Ben Leclerc


Teams arrive at the location (Kistap Mall Food court) to find two guys dressed up like construction workers sitting at a table. Arranged on the table is a box of rolled up maps, evelopes, and three stacks of blank "Planning forms" (copies of what is given to the in the puzzle packet).

Teams are addressed by the "Foreman" (one of the construction workers), who says they look like one of his work crews, and asks for their team name. He then hands them one envelope and one map, telling them that "A squirly looking girl in a labcoat left this for them", that it probably contains their work orders, and that they need to come back to the foreman to get everything approved before they leave for the work site.

Contents of the Envelope: