Clue DesignKim McKenna
DevelopmentKim McKenna
ConstructionJett Jones, Ben "Jeeves" Butler, Sean Lambert shouldered the bulk of the cutting work
On-site StaffJoshua May, Ben Randall


Teams are presented a large envelope, which contains a number of pieces of paper labeled as "scaffolds" and a set of 150 colored cardstock squares with various patterns and chemical elements along their edges. There is one scaffold for every color of cardstock square (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) as well as a seventh that reads: "We've been trying to synthesize the following set of molecules, but all we've managed so far are various differently colored compounds. We think we've formed all the individual constituents required, but we're not sure how to mix the compounds together to form the full set of molecules that we're after. We've left this blank scafold for you to try out some new formulations of your own, along with the colored compounds we've made and their scaffolds. Maybe when you figure out how to combine the compounds, you'll be able to figure out the primary interactions between them..."