Trapped Solution

Each player is loaded into the game at one of 4 maze entrances (top, left, right or bottom of map) with a sign nearby that say when the tunnel was built (Image 1). Once staff has completed setting up, each player has control of one character that can only see 1-2 squares around them.


Each player has access to the flavour text by pressing a button labeled "Read-the-clue", this will output text into the inbuilt chat window accessed by clicking the bubble icon in the top right corner of the window. (Image 2). This flavour text tells teams that some of the signs have been edited based on when the tunnel was constructed;

  • First tunnel - 1675 - Top entrance - No alterations to the signs

  • Second tunnel - 1679 - Right entrance - Letter on the left and right have been swapped

  • Third tunnel - 1683 - Left entrance - Number increased by 4

  • Fourth tunnel - 1687 - Bottom entrance - Number decreased by 1

Each player then has to navigate the maze towards to center. On the way to the center they pass a series of signposts (positioned at every intersection) with information on them (Image 3). Each sign has a number on the bottom and a letter that corresponds to each of the directions they can go at the intersection (The player that starts on the right has the left and right sides of the sign mirrored so occasionally the have a letter facing a wall and no letter facing a path)

Players should record the letter that corresponds to the path which leads to the center as well as the number on each sign. The letters should write out a phrase;

  • Youcannotfindmygold (Player 1, top starting position)

  • haveyoubeenlostyet        (Player 2/5, right starting position)

  • youwontfindmyloot        (Player 3/7, left starting position)

  • itsdarkdonotscream        (Player 4/6, bottom starting position)

Upon reaching the center of the maze, players find a notebook which, if clicked on changes the button in the top left to read "Read-the-found-note". Once players click this button a different set of text is output to the chat window. This text has 5 paragraphs, the first is flavour, the second hints at even numbers, third paragraph hints at numbers under 16, fourth hints prime numbers, fifth hints square numbers.

The players in the left and bottom tunnels need to modify the number they recorded in the maze according to the directions in the original flavour text. The Left path needs to subtract 4 while the bottom path needs to add 1 to reverse the changes made in the flavour text.

Once this is done, the players can find the letters associated with even numbers and order them by tunnel construction year to get the letters OLDMA. If they repeat this with the other clues they get CDON (numbers under 16), ALDS (prime numbers) and FARM (square numbers).

Combining these gives the answer: OLDMACDONALDSFARM



Partial Answers

  • OLDMA: Keep going
  • CDON: Keep going
  • ALDS: Keep going
  • FARM: Keep going
  • OLDMACDONALD: Keep going
  • OLDMCDONALD: Keep going
  • OLDMCDONALDSFARM: Check your spelling
  • EIEIO: Too far!!! Go back


Platform issues - Deleted their character, trouble navigating ect. - Check they have seen the instructions on spiderdog, Inform monitoring staff if they deleted their character(Will, Alan, Leslie, Gage)

Don't know what all the letters on the signs mean (Don't have the phrases yet) - "Is there any pattern to how the letters are placed on the sign?" (note the Eastern entrance has signs with data that doesn't face a path)

Don't know what to do with the phrases - Check if they have accessed the "Found Note", if so hint that they haven't done anything with the signpost numbers yet

Are rat-holing on ordering things - Remind that they aren't currently using the signpost numbers/the alterations mentioned in the first clue

Have reached the middle and didn’t notice that there was information on the signs - Try not to facepalm audibly.

Wants to be reset to the beginning - All the signpost are oriented so that the base of the sign points to the entrance. Staff can also reset if the team is demotivated