This puzzle is in the Washington Trail application.

There are two main components to this puzzle:

  1. 4 map tiles, randomly rotated 180 degrees and places in one of four spots on the screen
    1. Red lines are paths
    2. Blue X is start
    3. Blue O is finish
    4. Four positions are:
      1. Topright
      2. Topleft
      3. Bottomright
      4. Bottomleft
  2. Text entry box

You need to rearrange the map pieces by assigning them to spots via commands in this format entered into the text box:

  • Starting position, position to move to, [optional: rotate 180 degrees]

So to move a top left piece to bottom right and rotate it: topleft, bottomright, rotate

To move a top right piece to bottom left and leave it the same orientation: topright, bottomleft

If you accidentally place the wrong tile in a spot, you can replace it somewhere else. A tile should always be referenced from its original starting position. So if you put the top left tile into the top right, but then wanted to put it in the bottom left you would say: topleft, bottomleft and not topright, bottomleft

Once there's a tile place in each position, the software will validate if it's correct. If it is incorrect, you get a brand new set of map tiles and must try again.