Do-Si-Do Solution

TL;DR: This is a duck puzzle. To solve it, you need to look at the squares you are standing on, find the dance move in the booklet that matches those squares, and then execute the dance move. You are then standing on a different set of squares - find the matching move in the dance booklet and execute. Along the way, you need to record the colors of the squares that you stepped on. Repeat until you reach the ending pattern.

After dancing, there are a list of conditions to check (ex. "if leads stepped on 3 yellow squares, the second letter of the answer is A"). Checking the conditions gives you the answer.

  1. Notice that the "Today's Dance" booklet says to "Start Here", which matches the pattern in one corner of the dance floor. Start there, with the two followers on Red and Blue, and the two Leads on Purple and Green.

  2. The pattern they're standing on matches the Pull By instructions in the Dance Booklet. Teams complete the Pull By move and end up in a different set of squares

  3. This now matches the Lasso step, so teams execute the Lasso, and end up on a different set of squares.

  4. Continue this process, checking which squares you're on and executing the corresponding move, until you arrive at the "stop immediately when you encounter this pattern" location:

  5. There are seven true statements in the "Today's Dance" section. Each one gives one letter of the answer, PARTNER.




  • Read through the Today's Dance section before starting to know what data is important to record.

  • This note is at the bottom of the Today's Dance section: "Squares landed on" means the squares that each dancer was standing on at the conclusion of each move.

    • This means do not count the starting position

    • Also, if a dancer stays on the same square from one move to the next, they should still count that as "landed on" twice - once for the conclusion of the first move and once for the conclusion of the second move.

  • They should always end each step on a valid pattern (or the end)- otherwise, they've made a mistake.

  • Confirming data for them is useful.

  • A common mistake is confusing the Rattlesnake and the Promenade


Data confirmation:

  1. Pull By
  2. Lasso
  3. Barn Raiser
  4. Pull By
  5. Swing
  6. Promenade
  7. Allemande
  8. Come About
  9. Rattlesnake
  10. Promenade
  11. Allemande
  12. Come About
  13. Promenade
  14. Allemande
  15. Come About
  16. Stopping Position

True statements: (in the order in the doc)

  • If the number of Red squares landed on by followers is divisible by both 2 and three, then the third letter of the answer is "R".

  • If the dance contained the sequence Swing, Promenade, Allemande, Come About, then the fourth letter of the answer is "T".

  • If the number of Purple squares landed on by followers is four more than the number of Purple squares landed on by leads, then the second letter of the answer is "A".

  • If the number of Blue squares landed on by leads is divisible by 5, then the seventh letter of the answer is "R".

  • If the number of Green squares landed on by leads is one greater than the number of Purple squares landed on by followers, then the fifth letter of the answer is "N".

  • If the number of Red squares landed on by leads is zero, then the sixth letter of the answer is "E".

  • If the number of Yellow squares landed on by followers is even, then the first letter of the answer is "P".

GC Notes

In this puzzle you logged on to a Minecraft server that was set up as a western village. You walked to your assigned barn number, and did a series of dance moves on a colored floor.

This was originally planned to be an in-person square dancing puzzle. The moves described would have involved grasping hands, swinging each other around, etc. Otherwise, the puzzle worked exactly the same. It was pretty simple to transition it to virtual once someone suggested using Minecraft.

Did you create the Minecraft map yourself? No, I did not create the map myself. It is adapted from an adventure map I found on planet minecraft here. I did some editing to limit red herrings and remove some content that didn't fit with our theme, as well as modifying and duplicating the barn design. The hardest part was figuring out how to convert the map from the classic Java version to the Bedrock version. The original adventure map is pretty cool, there's a whole story line and lots of complicated redstone and command blocks. Go check it out if you have the Java version!

How did the armor thing work? There's a stack of 4 command blocks under each pressure plate. The top block is type Impulse, Unconditional, Needs Redstone. The bottom 3 are Chain, Conditional, Always Active.

Lead commands:

  • replaceitem entity @p slot.armor.head 1 diamond_helmet
  • replaceitem entity @p slot.armor.feet 1 diamond_boots
  • replaceitem entity @p slot.armor.chest 1 air
  • replaceitem entity @p slot.armor.legs 1 air

Follower commands:

  • replaceitem entity @p slot.armor.chest 1 golden_chestplate
  • replaceitem entity @p slot.armor.legs 1 golden_leggings
  • replaceitem entity @p slot.armor.head 1 air
  • replaceitem entity @p slot.armor.feet 1 air

Why didn't we get hungry?

There was a hidden redstone circuit connected to a command block that ran the command "/effect @a saturation 1000000 20 true " every second or so

What was the point of <random secret thing> (the cave, the hotel, the wells fargo, the horse racing track…etc)?

Honestly I have no idea 😃 All of that was from the original map author. I'm glad that all of it was in there because y'all seemed to enjoy it! But it had no purpose, it was just from the original map.

Why wasn't there more Minecraft-ing involved? It seems like the puzzle would have been exactly the same in a non-minecraft platform…

Yep, I agree with you. I wish that I had more time to think of, test, and develop a puzzle that was designed to be in Minecraft from the start. This was a puzzle intended to be in person, and transitioning to Minecraft was the best way to keep its original form. If I could do-over, I would make a puzzle that really used the minecraft mechanics. I would make it so that there is an actual reason that it needs to be in Minecraft