Check Please Solution

GOAL: The Patron (Mr. Smith) has some information that the interns need. However, he won’t give them that information until he leaves the bar (it’s too dangerous inside!). He won’t leave sober ~ the interns must get him drunk enough to leave the bar and give them the check.

The interns must go through 4 phases to get the information from Mr. Smith. Each phase has a goal which allows the interns to move to the next phase.

If the interns break a rule 4 times, the patron orders a coffee and starts the last phase again ~ for example, if the interns break the rules 4 times in phase 3, they start phase 2 again. They can proceed to phase 3 again if they repeat the steps they took to get to phase 3.

Each phase has an entry phase that they say when the phase starts. Rules compound throughout the phases unless otherwise indicated.

When the interns break a rule, the staffer indicates this by using the broken rule phase and showing the drunkenness scale. For example:

You need to respect your elders

Drunkenness: 1


Where each X represents one broken rule. Once the interns have broken a rule 4 times, they downgrade to the previous phase.

The reason that this is a chat with actually people and not a bot is so staffers can steer interns in the right direction when they are struggling. Generally it is a good idea to join their voice chat to listen to if they are struggling or not. There are hint phrases in each phase that can be used to help push the interns in the right direction.

Interns generally have the most fun if you are a bit interactive with them. Don't worry about acting but feel free to make a custom response if the situation warrants it ~ for example, during Beta one of the groups tried to set the bar on fire to get me outside, which resulted in Mr. Smith losing control over his favorite bar burning down.

Phase 1:

Intro Phase (First Time): Who are you?

Goal: Interns must ask for the patron’s name

Acceptable phrases for the interns to move to phase 2 are:

  • "Who are you?"

  • "What is your name?"


  • Interns cannot ask the patron to leave the bar

    • "Can’t leave a bar sober"
  • Interns cannot ask for a map

    • "I don’t trust people who don’t know me"
  • Interns cannot order a drink

    • No response
  • Other responses can be met with phrases like:

    • I don't talk to people who don't know me

    • I don't drink with people who don't know me

Phase 2:

Intro phase (phase 1 à phase 2):

"My name is Mr. Smith

I need a drink. Bartender!


I love a good, strong drink."

Goal: Learn what the Patron is drinking

Acceptable phrases to move to the next phase are:

  • What are you drinking, sir?

  • What’s in your cup, ma'am?


  • Interns must address the patron as "sir" or "ma’am"

    • "You need to respect your elders"

    • "I refuse to answer unless addressed appropriately"

    • You should repeat the top phase at least 4 times. If the interns cannot understand what the rule is, move to the second phase.

  • If the interns are struggling, you can help them out by responding to something with the phrase:

    • I love a good strong drink

    • Bars are for drinking

Oftentimes, interns will offer to buy you a drink. At this point (if they are struggling) you can say something like

  • Can't buy if you don't know what to buy

Phase 3:

Goal: Interns must show they are enemies of Dastardly Davey

"I drink whiskey


Intro Phase: I think that man Davey just walked in


  • Interns cannot use words over 7 letters

    • "I don’t respond to long city-talk"

    • If they aren’t getting it after 6 fails, try a: "too many letters, I can’t think that much"

    • NOTE: this is generally the most difficult rule for both interns and staffers to keep track of. As a staffer, take your time when checking this rule.

  • Phrases that don't break a rule can be met with:

    • Davey the evil man

    • Evil evil evil man

Phase 4:

Goal: Interns must ask for patron to get the check

Intro Phase: A few drinks and I'm a happy cowboy

At this phase, the interns can ask to leave the bar. As long as the rest of the message is matches the rules, you respond with:

  • "I would, but I don’t think the bartender would like that"


  • Interns cannot use sentences over 5 words

    • "Too much good talk, make it simple"

    • "Too much good talk, make it short"

  • If the interns say anything that doesn't break a rule but doesn't lead them down the right path, you can use these canned phrases, like:

    • A few drinks and I'm a happy cowboy
  • Interns must ask for the check or offer to pay your bill

    • "That sounds good. Check, Please"

    • *You walk outside with Mr. Smith and he hands you the check before walking away*

    • Send them the Check document. At this point, you can leave the chat. The check is its own puzzle, from which they will get the answer: (MARTINI)

The link to this document can be found here:



Partial Answers

Check - Keep going


Users have issues with the 'Sir' rule ~ if your interns are not moving to the next phase, feel free to give them more specific responses to help them move to the next phase. I've found that using the phrase "address" and even referring to the interns themselves as 'sir' can help

Interns also have issues with the 7 letter words. Try not to use 7 letter words yourself, because interns will echo it back to you. If they are struggling, again, listen to what they're saying in their chat and try to steer them in the right direction. "I can only read so much at once" and even "use smaller words" will help here

A lot of interns will offer to kill Davey, but you should just say something like "you dislike Davey?" If they say "Yes" to this, move to the next Phase.

Interns can also struggle with the 5 word rule, but they generally find a way around this.