Modern Trappings Solution

How It Works

The map of Leavenworth had a circled start location. The various arrows visible in the manilla folder guide provide locations, and a direction and name to look for. Teams start at the marked point, and find the Baren Haus to the north, from there they find the address of the Baren Haus and follow the directions for where to go next. After repeating several times, teams arrive at Die Musik Box, where they pick up a folder with final instructions. They are instructed to index into each location with the last digit in the address.

Place NameAddress
(stop light)start
Baren Haus208
Innsbrucker Inn703
Studio 1890635
Icicle River Clothing639
Village Alps217
Bearly Purrfect819
Post Office Saloon213
Die Musik Box933



Design Notes

Most of the difficulty was collecting addresses which are actually listed on businesses. This just meant a day of walking all the leavenworth streets, eating ice cream and sausage, alas. Originally there were going to be several versions so teams didn't all follow the same path, but we decided time was better spent elsewhere.

Construction Notes

The largest update since the early forms of this puzzle was pre-making the folder assembly for the transparent overlay. Any skew in the two pages could end up reading the wrong letters and getting way off track.

GC Notes