Clue DesignBen, Derek
DevelopmentDerek, Nick
ConstructionAndy, Christine, Derek, Jay, Kim, Matt, Mike, Nathan, Randall
On-site StaffNathan, Stephen


Overlooking Snoqualmie Falls, teams meet their contact to receive a small package containing thirty tealight candles. The candles come in five different colors, and most have a letter written on the top. Each of the candle holders has a number written on the bottom, from 1-30, and several have a pair of symbols written on the sides. The box also contains a note explaining that the candles are numbered 1-30 to ensure each set is complete; that these numbers have no other significance.

Candles in original packaging

When teams place the candles near each other, they discover they're (the candles, not necessarily the teams) magnetic, and will attract or repel each other in various configurations.

This puzzle is not solveable online.