Shadow Puppets

Clue DesignJon Caruana
DevelopmentJon Caruana
ConstructionChristine Moeller, Jon Caruana, Tristan Brown
On-site StaffChristine Moeller, Jon Caruana


The cardboard cutout demonstrating how to gather data from this puzzle. Randall standing in front of the 'projector' device, in debug mode.

Teams walked into a giant lightless room where they were introduced to an expert shadow caster standing in front of a "spotlight" (left) and given a handout. Then on-site staff directed teams to a "spotlight" of their own (right). The "spotlight" (actually a Kinect) projected the shadow of the person in front of it onto the wall, with some alterations.

This initial portion of the puzzle is not possible to solve online as it requires a Kinect, a projector, and careful calibration. The data that would have been gathered is below. The top row is the arm angles of the person and the bottom row is the arm angles of the person's shadow.

The remainder of the puzzle can be solved with the information on this page and the handout.