Ring Toss

Clue DesignSean Lambert
DevelopmentSean Lambert
ConstructionSean Lambert
On-site StaffSean Lambert, Nathan Shomber, Stephen Imhoff, Jon Caruana, Christine Moeller, Andre Sayre, Matt P, Erwin Chan, Jennifer Condon


Your team just arrived at a strange sports field. It looks like a baseball diamond, but it has 9 bases in a 3x3 grid instead of 4 bases in a 2x2 grid. You are asked to form a Ring Toss team of 3 players to take the field, and are provided with colored wristbands. After you and two teammates don the wristbands you are handed a 7 inch ring and directed to the field. An umpire is standing on the center base holding a green flag. He asks you to begin on an unoccupied base, and once you are ready he blows his whistle and raises the flag. THE GAME HAS BEGUN!?

This puzzle cannot be solved online.