Arts and Crafts Solution

How It Works

Solve the crossword clues. They are sorted alphabetically in the Across and Down sections. All are four letter words:


  1. ____ vera, used as sunburn relief | ALOE
  2. Another word for a car | AUTO
  3. X and Y types of this exist in math | AXIS
  4. To revise text | EDIT
  5. Where to run in baseball | HOME
  6. Element Fe | IRON
  7. Short name for island | ISLE
  8. Gold covering or uncool | LAME
  9. The 40 days before easter | LENT
  10. Gram is a unit of this | MASS
  11. An average, or bad tempered | MEAN
  12. It could be happy, sad, worried, excited | MOOD
  13. Type of bread used for gyros | PITA
  14. Part of a plant between roots and flower | STEM
  15. Gait of a horse between walk and canter | TROT
  16. A bad habit | VICE


  1. In addition | ALSO
  2. Smallest elemental matter | ATOM
  3. In danger, like a situation or straits | DIRE
  4. Send out | EMIT
  5. Currency in the EU | EURO
  6. How you might live the wrong way? | EVIL
  7. An image, picture, or representation | ICON
  8. Mutilate, disfigure, or wound severely | MAIM
  9. Algebra, calculus or trigonometry | MATH
  10. Table mountain | MESA
  11. May be musical or written | NOTE
  12. Found on the outside of a strawberry | SEED
  13. Sharp hit to the face | SLAP
  14. Performed alone | SOLO
  15. A type of 2-across that you might hire | TAXI
  16. A place to sleep while camping | TENT

Next, interns would determine that none of the yellow or green strips have the crossword answers on them, but the letters for the words did appear on the strips, and that they could be woven together to create the crossword clue answers in four separate 4x4 grids.

Once the weaving is complete, interns can read the hidden letters underneath the woven strips. Each square gives a clue to its orientation in a larger 8x8 grid, while the second half of each reads out together, "NOW READ CENTER OF FOUR SQUARES".

The center four squares of the 8x8 grid is the final answer.



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